They say that autumn for a poet – a special time of year when the inspiration comes, and the world becomes more colorful, vivid, unusual Perhaps that is why poems about autumn is all very special, not only at their authors, but also readers. October 21 students of the Faculty of Social Work, Pedagogy and Russian State Social University held a literary evening "Autumn Story". Crowd pleased and poems, and prose, and vocal numbers, and songs in sign language. Guys read the immortal works of Pushkin, Lermontov, Esenina, , Tsvetaeva, Asadov Each of us has his favorite poet, whose poems do not give the weary difficult moments, encourage, suggest how to proceed. Sometimes it happens that a number of no man who could and would like you to understand, accept this, what is there. At such times you open the book, his favorite poet, and seemed you find yourself in another world, you realize that you're not alone, that similar feelings someone has already experienced.

Pushkin, Lermontov, and other writers whose poems were made at a party on the law were among the great Russian poet. The images created by them, with time does not fade, and continue to excite the heart of the new generations. Growing up, people themselves are drawn to poetry. I remember the lessons learned in high school forcibly compelled to teach the poetry of an author, and sometimes not so want And then, as a student, I accidentally stumbled upon a volume of poems by Pushkin and is said to have gone-gone, read through all authors, somebody's poems memorized Poetry – is not only balm for the soul, this is the development of memory, and formation of the world. In addition to the autumn theme of the evening, much attention was paid to the theme of love.

After all, poets often feelings do not arise in the spring, like most people, namely in the fall. Some students have read a poem of his own composition, and received a lot of applause. Because the hall was full house, and places for all not enough, some had to watch and listen to the same standing. But the positive from this is not diminished! Judging for a happy person audience, the literary evening was wonderful. On the tradition of these evenings, said the organizer, Chairman of the leaders of the faculty of social work, teaching and rscu Ekaterina Popova. – Catherine, how often are these activities? – Usually twice a year: spring and fall. Literary evenings we spend the second year, so that, as they say everything is just beginning. In the future, we will hold them more frequently. Practice has shown that such events appeal to both students and teachers. Our teachers are also involved in the readings. In rscu there are many students and professors who write poetry. – Today, one can often hear that poetry is not as relevant as before – Poetry – this is something that is everlasting. Maybe somewhere and for some it's not very important, but not at our university! – Evenings are impromptu or rehearsed by the participants before they go on stage? – K every show we have carefully prepared: write a script, make up design Not an easy job, but if people are satisfied, then it's worth it! We have many of their talents.