Fear is an emotion human, this constantly in our lives. Fears are warning signs that you serve to protect you against situations that are potentially dangerous for you. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Richard Linklater has to say. Fear makes you lend attention to the events and you can take action to protect yourself. The fear is an excellent signal to avoid physical or psychological risk. It is a very necessary and useful protection mechanism if you know how to put it to your service and live safely and full. But if you usually feel disproportionate, or unfounded fears that do not respond to any threat of the medium but to elements of your imagination, or if these fears taking a destructive nuance or inhibit your daily behaviors, then considered these strategies to overcome them. 1St recognizes the fear when you feel fear, recognize it and accept it.

Deny yourself you’re only frightened you will increase your insecurity in the resolution of the situation and therefore increase your fear. 2Nd do not pretend you do not disregard nor pretend that you are strong and not feel fear to nothing. You only derrocharas the energy that you have to overcome it. Remember to be fearful or reckless are two sides of the same coin. 3Rd ask for real risk ask you so quiet and previously to perform an action or face a fact fearsome, about the degree of effective risk you can have. If you confirm that the threat is real act quickly to protect yourself.

If you recognize that the threat has no grip on reality tries to rule out it of your head, plan action and apply yourself with enthusiasm to do it. 4Th talk to someone if you can’t discard the feeling of fear, even if you can recognize it as unfounded, conversing with a person you trust and tell him about what is happening. Talking about it will diminish the anguish and you will be able to reflect higher criterion of reality. 5Th personifies your fear every time that the fear to appear, try to perform the following exercise: personifies your fear attempts (to gradually make the character increasingly less fearsome), talk with tranquility and ask for explanations: tell me clearly what threatens me in this situation and think about what you answer. Repeat the exercise 3 times. You’ll see how the answers are less fearsome. 6Th resorts to a specialist if you feel that you can not control the fear and you start to limit your movements in the world, resorts to a specialist who can help you choose a treatment appropriate to your situation.