Therefore, he must yourself first be analyzed and be had conscience if that product are necessary for the survival of the human beings, knowing that the natural resources are necessary for the survival. The positive question is a bigger awareness and valuation of the environment, but the humanity still is far from learning to consume and to interact with its half one, to understand that it is a participant being of the natural cycle, and not dominant. This sample that the society comes ignoring, even though menosprezando, the daily ecological relations between it and the nature, giving edge to the sprouting of an ambient catastrophe that will be able to blow up in a future not very distant. Learn more on the subject from Kindle Direct Publishing. It can be concluded that, to keep the quality of life and, even though, the life on the land, the societies human beings must change radically its positions and action in relation to the environment. 2.3? AMBIENT EDUCATION IN the SCHOOL To speak on a so complex subject as the environment is of utmost importance, therefore ‘ ‘ the subject environment will develop pertinent position and values to the relations between the human beings, and of excellent form to work the subject environment as method that expressa.’ ‘ (KINGS, 2000, P. 37) It is also of great importance that the human being contributes actively for the improvement of the environment where garbage in the streets lives with more education not playing, looking for always to make the good.

In this direction, having form creativity partner ones with the others so that they can have a better world, the school is the main focus for the development of our pupils so that they can have performance, respect and responsibility with the society and the environment where we live, looking for to develop with interaction. Also it is paper of the school to impose more important rules that they regulate activities human beings, imposing right duties and guaranteeing, showing that the pupils can help to decide the problems of the way where we live. Another important aspect of the professor, restricting the social matters to the scope of the locality that are inserted as a whole, in national and international level, on in a net of social and ambient interactions that lead in content, relating an intellectual development of the pupils. (ANDRAL, 1991, P. 43) It is, therefore, of great importance to lead in consideration what one becomes inside of the school. Of this form, the controllers of the education had included thematic ‘ ‘ environment ‘ ‘ in the national curricular parameters (PCN) as transversal subject, therefore each time more the ambient question comes being considered important for the society.