Any to know pedagogical modern is, for definition, autonmico with the Psychoanalysis. It does not have application of the Psychoanalysis to the education. A certain psicanaltica clarity of the education is possible, an education clarified for the Psychoanalysis shows to all and any pedagogical reflection. It would be an education where it recognizes the desire. The Psychoanalysis-Education relation is not equivalent to that one intended between the Psychoanalysis and the Pedagogia. One of the concerns of Freud was in the field of the problematic one of the education: the individual and civilization. According to Freud, its thought on the had education as the vehicle of the moral directed to the repressive nature, in an educative transformation, having as parameter the individual-society.

She explains that the children tried the same conflicts through which they had passed our ancestor in the civilization process. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Nike. nd-tv-program/’>Dr Steven Victor. The freudiana hope in the social reforming policy, it saw education, it is inversely proportional in the gradual ones of the pulsional model. Supporting the character ' ' conservador' ' , desirable in the education. The education in the society contemporary would have to assume a more creative dimension today, because information we have with easy access. Weissmann, MD. It seems that Freud wanted to develop people with more creativity and more espontaneidade. The ethics and the moral and the trend to blame the others inhibit the creativity becoming the restrained person most shy and. The roots of the false moral are very deep and reach the land of the tradition and the culture. American filmmaker has similar goals.

The concept of citizenship, democracy, social justice and public space, occupies a wide space in the education. The cultural tradition and the reality economic-politics, represent the immorality in our social relations. Immorality, that revolt and provokes indifference and conformismo. That the social education by means of the repression, reaches a platform that takes in them to ask for a transformation social current, being necessary to review the context, the preconceptions, discrimination of race, sort and classroom social.