The man who speak foreign languages, always deserves respect. And in our time learning a foreign language is becoming the norm. Given the fact that today the borders are open almost every front citizen of our country, foreign language proficiency is a must. Also, knowledge of foreign languages enhances the status of the employee of any organization, giving him more chances, including career opportunities. All The fact is that access to certain types of software and specific information may only person who owns a foreign language (this information is mostly in English). Of course, to study more foreign languages will no all. But so historically, that English has become the most popular language in the world. In this regard, the majority favored the study of this particular language.

There are many methods for studying foreign languages. Some teach a foreign language in high schools, some in special courses, and there are people who are self-study foreign languages. Self-study of foreign languages are developed and mastered many different techniques that provide translations of various songs, poems, texts, movies on original language. But each time the procedure is not ruled out reading as one of the most effective methods of securing the knowledge gained. A good effect is a combination of video, and audiourokov read foreign literature. To one of the most effective methods of self-study language books are bilingual. It is not something FASEB Journal would like to discuss. What are these books? This is a book whose text is represented in two languages.

In this case, is used as progressive separation of text and page by page. Page-division of the text is more suitable for people with an initial base in the study of foreign languages as well as text that is written in different languages, on paper takes a different amount, and the novice learning a foreign language will be difficult to compare these texts. But line-sharing is more suitable for beginners, because it allows rapid correlation phrases original and translation. Also, this division contributes to the rapid memorization of speech turns and phrases. According to professionals, people who learn a foreign language, it is necessary to average 20-40 minutes per day allocated to reading bilingual books. Bilingual books ascribe to the student's foreign language. Read additional details here: David G. DeWalt. Books in two languages will be an excellent tool of those who have good visual memory. This method does not require the study of learning, and allows you to store phrases while reading. And it is much more effective, as phrases memorized will be erased from memory faster than those that are remembered when reading. You can learn English by reading books English Russian translation. This method of learning foreign languages not only expand your vocabulary, but also gives the ability to adapt to the English language. During the reading of such books is familiar and yet foreign-slang. Normal Manuals and tutorials introduce students to the classical English. Therefore, in the living communion with the English may have trouble understanding. A bilingual book allows to know the current utterance and slang. But do not lose popularity and books related to the classical genre. Books in two languages to many people have made available to read the original works of famous writers – the classics, like Goethe, Shakespeare, Dreiser, Byron.