The pride looks the happiness in the external world, in the opinion of the others and in the consumption of corporeal properties and everything this does not generate happiness, only joy momentneaexterno the reply for its misfortune. Fear When we feel fear, the feeling that comes after that is of the impotence ahead of a situation of risk and after that of anger for not controlling that situation. The fear is a paralisante feeling that in them it places to the edge of the way, giving attention alone in us, in our conflicts, difficulties and making to only turn us around we ourselves, not advancing, not leaving the place and in consequncia not walking route to the progress. Ignored things generate fear of what known and our unfamiliarity regarding our internal potential, of our capacity do not make with that let us react of form, shy or aggressive, when we are ahead of an unexpected situation, because we do not have confidence in we ourselves and we act established in the fear, that nothing more is of what to little confidence that we have in we ourselves. One of the biggest manifestations of the fear, according to Grandson, is the phobias, developed for some individuals, ahead of some situations or behaviors and when if it becomes crnica, starts to confuse the life of the individuals in all the areas of the human relationship. The social fbico, according to it, is afraid to be judged and to be evaluated by the others, therefore the behaviors that more fear are to speak, to eat and or to drink ahead of the people, to frequentar courses, lectures parties or any social activity in places movimentados.14 Still according to Grandson, the biggest difficulties that involve more serious agoraphobia 3 is the uncertainty of our personal value and the beliefs of low esteem that we possess and that they can have been inherited in infncia.15 the inferiority feeling produce certain a necessity to be always always being applauded for the others.