Mato Grosso Students

Always interested in the pertinent subjects the academy, he inside has many controversas on its positioning politician of the institution, also in electoral situations. In the first semester of 2009, actions at law had given ownership to two competing plates? the first one was installed and second, after to be annulled, it retook the direction of the entity. Ahead of this picture, the dissatisfaction of the academic community is general: of a side, the discredited DCE; of another one, picuinhas politics and even possible partisan interventions. Get all the facts and insights with film director, another great source of information. The UNEMAT lives an ascension moment currently, recognition in national scope as constructor of projects and action of education, searches and extension. The National Union of the Students possesss a peculiar trajectory and of fight. The history of our country is stuffed of conquests thanks to the persistence of the Brazilian students, JOINS, the set of the social movements and the organized civil society. Gerald Weissmann, MD oftentimes addresses this issue. In the manifestos ‘ ‘ The Oil is Nosso’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Direct J’ ‘ , the estudantil movement had a prominence paper, contributing for the construction of our country.

To the eves of the beginning of the exploration of Daily pay-Salt, we constitute a new reality in this country: true revolutions are constructed in the interior of the universities for the action and force of will of the students. While ‘ ‘ unematianos’ ‘ , it is our responsibility to watch over for the preservation of our patrimony: a public University that promotes education, research extension, thought as public good and of access to all. Perhaps it has fond the hour of the new University of Brazil to be born. Perhaps we, academics, let us be capable to form this new university, established in principles of a public education directed toward the development of the human being and it pas.

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History And Geography Education

The historical and geographic formation of Brazil is one of the controversial subjects most fascinating and of Geography and History, if they are enough to the internal controversies of each still disciplines has the differences theoretician-metodologicos enters two sciences that par excellence, argue the subject. It considers the white public, professors of Geography and History treads a didactic way of organization of the subjects, to give to subsidies the formation of the professor of what promoting exhausting quarrels on the questions theoretician-metodolgicas of the Beddings Epistemolgicos of the education of History and Geography, for the formation of professors in a continued perspective, since practical the pedagogical ones need to be aliceradas in the knowledge of the processes of production and legitimation that if consider of the scientific works. It is inserted also in the structure of the course as complement to the relative quarrels to the beddings that will serve as base for the resume of History and Geography. You analyze from them given and the didactic and pedagogical orientaes we can have a conducting wire to treat the subject in classroom, not only in the formation of the professor but also in professional activity.

In accordance with the presented summary, divides in three chains in agreement the text is about: I.Positivismo: One is about a synonymous one of the normative model of science. In its more necessary direction, it assigns a school of philosophical and scientific thought inaugurated by Augustus Comte, which if constitutes in a radical affirmation of the comment as knowledge source. II.Marxismo: the term that if make reference to reference a philosophical and scientific method and a critical theory of the capitalism elaborated for Karl Marx. Also he is used to assign a tradition of philosophical and scientific thought.

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World Education

At this moment they also change the contents, the values, the abilities, the performances and the abilities had socially as basic for the formation human being. (ANGELS, 2007). The technological advance is a condicionante agent who all encloses the educational process of the man, for being a way of change of the condition human being contributed for the excuo of an education capable to form people with great intellectual and professional development, played in the constant search for the technological perfectioning. Thus, the man always was, and he will always be in search of different forms, methods and conditions to transform the ways for which he lives and if he socializes, trying to advance and to evolve each time more the conceived technologies already, the point to obtain new conquests. 2 EDUCATION DE HISTRIADesde the times most remote, the man acts as receiving agent of the education processes and learning inside of a context in the way where it lives; the acquired education and knowledge are significant part in its socialization with excessively, can be affirmed that it is through education and learning that the man ahead evolves of the group the one that belongs, and becomes capable to teach and to reproduce its knowledge for others. ' ' The innate capacities of the human being transmitted genetically allow the educative action. This is product of the constructed, shared cultural evolution and accumulated throughout geraes' ' (LITWIN, 1997, P. 39). education a not only corresponds form of knowledge and learning, but also to a process of clarifications, revision and assimilation of the facts occurred in the world, through passed decades, of historical moments and the socialization in groups. Since the primates, the humanity lives related with some forms of learning, in a constant search for the perfectioning of techniques that attracted the welfare state of the time, leaving the conception of life, learning and knowledge marked through the years for history, and remembered through the history education.

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The Philosophy

When differentiating body and soul and placing to oquerer as attribute of the thought and as ' ' passion of alma' ' , Discardings are to adefinir as the soul and the spirit participates of what it is voluntary eintencional in the man. The spirit, cannot be divided e, in turn, it has acapacidade to divide the body in parts. ' ' Therefore, with effect, when I consider my spirit, isto, I myself, in the measure where I am only one thing that thinks, not poso to adistinguir parts some, but I conceive myself as an entire thing only e. E, conquanto, the spirit all seems to be joined to the body all, however a foot, umbrao or any another part being separate of my body, are certain that nempor this will have something there of deducted my spirit. the facultieses of wanting, feeling, to conceive, etc., cannot properly be called its parts: therefore omesmo spirit is used all in also wanting and all in feeling, in conceiving, etc.

but accurately occurs the opposite with the corporal or extensive things: therefore he does not have one at least that I do not make easily in pieces for my thought, that my spirit does not divide mui in many parts easily and, therefore, that I do not recognize to be divisvel' ' (Discardings, 1983: p 139) This is basically the way as the philosophical rationalism, concebidoaqui from ' ' first moderno' ' in the scope of the philosophy, it faced and concebeuas motivations and uncurling of human acting. Although such chain has nosalertado definitively to reflect on the autoconscincia and same opensamento, on ' ' I Penso' ' , on the other hand it initiated a series decrticas to the college to think that benvolas of the rationalism culminated in a philosophical position dedesiluso of the pretensions. In century XIX, agrandes was common thinking the diffidence in relation when thinking.

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Educating Dogs

Here we spoke on the education of dog that jumps on the people, in particular, but also we spoke on the dogs that go jumping over other dogs, in the furniture, or even in the kitchen. I have seen that often the owners of dogs try to modify this one problem by means of the use of diverse commandos (you order) very confused and who they do not help in anything, also of many owners of desperate dogs to finish with this one problem. The dog jumps is a universal problem, but one better understanding than it is motivating this one conduct can allow a correct treatment us with successful results. The two reasons for which the dogs jump on People: 1) Probably most common is the dog that jumps giving the welcome and celebrating the return of its master. This can simply be by an excess of enthusiasm that is " to jump of joy, but also knows that to jump is an instinctive behavior. The dogs lick the face to others when they want to give a greeting pleasant, wolves of lower rank of a herd licks the face of the wolves of more high rank than they returned of the hunting. In addition, the puppies jump one on the other to call the attention of its mother.

More concretely, the puppies have like objective face of its mother, since her mother regurgitates the food so that she is ingested by its litter. In addition when your dog jumps for saludarte when you arrive at your strong house and your him DAS praises, affectionate caresses and words you are realising a positive reinforcement of the behavior to jump. That is you are giving a reward him to do the one that reinforces in its mind desire to jump. 2) the second reason in order to jump, although he is less frequent, it is than they can be trying to establish a dominant position.

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