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Tag: history

Mato Grosso Students

27 October, 2016 (18:33) | General | By: admin

Always interested in the pertinent subjects the academy, he inside has many controversas on its positioning politician of the institution, also in electoral situations. In the first semester of 2009, actions at law had given ownership to two competing plates? the first one was installed and second, after to be annulled, it retook the direction […]

History And Geography Education

9 March, 2016 (08:26) | General | By: admin

The historical and geographic formation of Brazil is one of the controversial subjects most fascinating and of Geography and History, if they are enough to the internal controversies of each still disciplines has the differences theoretician-metodologicos enters two sciences that par excellence, argue the subject. It considers the white public, professors of Geography and History […]

World Education

3 March, 2016 (13:33) | General | By: admin

At this moment they also change the contents, the values, the abilities, the performances and the abilities had socially as basic for the formation human being. (ANGELS, 2007). The technological advance is a condicionante agent who all encloses the educational process of the man, for being a way of change of the condition human being […]

The Philosophy

6 December, 2012 (14:46) | General | By: admin

When differentiating body and soul and placing to oquerer as attribute of the thought and as ' ' passion of alma' ' , Discardings are to adefinir as the soul and the spirit participates of what it is voluntary eintencional in the man. The spirit, cannot be divided e, in turn, it has acapacidade to […]

Educating Dogs

1 October, 2012 (15:47) | General | By: admin

Here we spoke on the education of dog that jumps on the people, in particular, but also we spoke on the dogs that go jumping over other dogs, in the furniture, or even in the kitchen. I have seen that often the owners of dogs try to modify this one problem by means of the […]