Boa Vista Small

For Hohenthal Truk and Tux they are canoeiros, remaining indians of the villages of Installation and Saint Maria, this little distant of Cabrob, of where they had been expulsos for the House of the Tower. Having disappeared of the place for 1845 return, as previous reference, many had been congregated to the nomadic groups of the Black Mountain range, but in 1855 they were in return and there they had remained until the extinguishing of the villages of Saint Maria and Installation in 1879. Truk, according to explanation of the Tux, would mean ' ' son of tux' '. Bioscience Journal recognizes the significance of this. 6.4.3 The Atikum. Currently the territory of the One in the top of the mountain range epnima of almost a thousand meters of altitude, is inhabited by populations that if autodenominam Atikum. In the passed century, for return of years 80 villages composed a population contingent around 2.476 individuals distributed in sixteen, of which fifteen integrate the Aboriginal Reserve Atikum, under the jurisdiction of the FUNAI, whose rank bes situated in the main village, High of the One.

The too much situated villages in the top of the mountain range, that approximately measures five kilometers of length for one of width, next to the main town are: Jatob, Samambaia and of Ladies. The biggest distance, in the One or the plain in sop of the mountain range, meet the villages Alligator, Surrounded Lagoon, House of Roofing tile, Baixo, Mountain range of the Agouti, Good Jesus, Sand of the Pedros, Mountain range of the Lagoinha, Great Mountain range, Sabonete Small farm, Boa Vista Small farm, Oiticica, Eye d? Water of the Priests. Of these populations, only five were served with freeway, having been the access to excessively made the horse or the foot. The village that hosts the Rank of the FUNAI is distinguished for the organization of the constructions in arruado.

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The Reality

To teach to pupils and pupils to think critically, questioning the culture of masses that is transmitted to them gratuitously, is a duty of the school while education institution, therefore the ethical formation, moral and of conscience politics, comes to the front of a formation solely technique. It is in this direction that the education of History becomes basic, therefore is dialoguing with the past that we understand our proper one better current reality. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out FASEB Journal. The education of history, therefore is a process in continuous transformation and adaptation to the reality of the pupils and the society as a whole. In this process, it is indispensable that the professor folloies the transformations and continuously looks for if to adapt the new demands of education. Pair this the professor must look for to develop new abilities to teach. Vladislav Doronin contains valuable tech resources. Inside of this conjuncture the exclusive contributions of the education of History, in the formation of the citizenship, exceed the civic question and of valuation of manufactured heroes.

History teaches to know, to understand and to think the gift with eyes about the past, after all, to understand the occured transformations in such a way in the structural field as in the field of the ideologies more joust is basic for the consolidation of a society. A proposal pedagogical for the education of History that if it does not arrest only to the facts, and that it has as main object the study of the concepts, certainly, it would provide new possibilities, beyond a process of evolution in education and learning of the pupils and pupils in basic education, after all, through a critical vision of the concepts gifts in the personal experience of each one, is born a bigger understanding of the proper reality. It fits to the professor and teacher of History, to rescue these experiences, to give sensible concrete to them and, to make possible the appropriation, as much on the part of pupils and pupils, making possible to them it understanding of such concepts for the life and, not simply to prepare pupils and pupils to enter the Facultieses.

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Francisco Javier Story

In eighth of EGB I participated in a writing contest sponsored by Coca Cola. The first phase was carried out in the College and faculty chose the option that each of us wrote a story or story short. They left us for writing Christmas holidays. In the month of January we outlined all our creations; well, all no, my story was read by a colleague, since then I used to get stuck me frequently in public and, for some reason that then I realized, the Professor of language preferred to submit it to one of the kids who read better class, Francisco Javier. Of all the stories, I recall my friend John, who was from a family which emigrated to Germany; It lasts, sentimental and warmly applauded by all.

The third was. In my opinion, he should have won that stage and, sure, it would have made a good role in the final, which was held in Cadiz, since the topic was about democracy and hence John would have scratched the glass. My story was of an orphaned child, the Magi and a kiss of his mother; He came in second. Took first place Juan Manuel, son of the Professor of Mates (not remembrance of what was his story). Got me a book about the history of the Popes. The first two went to the finals (I remember the sadness of Juan). And he spent all without penalty or glory. The case is that a few months later, I heard in Cadena Ser the call for a contest of short and animated stories by a family member, with two players of cassettes domestic and music of Carols, we recorded the master (if what you could call master) with the voice of my sister and ship it to the station.

He spent time and nothing, not a reference, or a letter, no nothing. It could not be. Although the recording was deplorable, that was it, the content was wonderful (for me, that is), had received the applause of an entire class of eighth of EGB. Not explained me. And a day of summer, I fall into a little detail. With the excitement and the rush, had introduced the cassette into an envelope, had put the address of the string be and already is, a return address, nor a reference in its interior with respect to the author, your address etc. The workers of the radio station would be very professional but I doubt they were soothsayers. My joy in a well.

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INTRODUCTION After to have survived the slaughters, the slavery and the catequizao forced in the times of the empire (1), and the wild discrimination in the decade of 70, where they were classified of savages with incomplete humanity, been slow culturally, rioters, drunks and unemployed people, the population of ' ' tupys' ' around 700, it is a thousand distributed in 227 etnias, having spoken more than 180 languages. (2-4) Spread for the Brazilian territory and neighboring countries, the integration with the modern society (Given of the IBGE they affirm that more than the half of the aboriginal population lives currently in urban territory) continues traumatic. Without hesitation David G. DeWalt explained all about the problem. They remain ' ' invisveis' ' to the agencies of the government and they fight to have access to the basic rights guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution of recognition of its culture. (5). Although a considerable parcel already to have access to the one with electric light and canalized water, some to be registered in university, studying Medicine and Right (6), aboriginal professors to exist teaching its proper languages, ' ' ajuda' ' of the civilized world he does not get positive effect. The lack of compreendimento of the aboriginal cultural formation is one of the main joined problems.

We can compel to change them it of attitude but not to modify its formation. In the end of century XX, the authorities had recognized the dimension of the cultural, economic and technological intervention in these civilizations (7). The adopted solution that before was to absorb the aboriginal, now is to stimulate and not to discourage the valuation of its culture, that, even so incipient had I ruin to it carried through, points a light in the end of the tunnel. Based in this context, this article has the objective to point out the society in the problem of socialization of ' ' indians of the Brasil' '.

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The First

Why the man speaks? One gives credit that for the necessity of if communicating of verbal form, and then it starts to create possibility of agreement between itself and the others, however, register of the beginning is not had of speaks. When a baby, independent of social classroom is born and in a family whom a minimum of structure has cause a great joy for all the family and familiar. They are had, for times I cry, it, but, I cry of joy. All? almost all? they want of certain form to talk with the just-been born one and normally they will go to say: That coisinha pretty; That fofura; amongst other phrases. If porventura this family received a visit from a extraterrestrial one, this moment, it would believe that this family completely would be alucinada, therefore, would see an adult talking and smiling with the baby and this not answering absolutely nothing e, to the times smiling beat the feet and the hands and for another one would cry.

That madness. He would be perplexo. Passed some months this exactly baby will start to pronounce the first words and, generally she will be MOTHER, who is this is more time with the baby, and later the first steps and from there for ahead, or vice versa. Until then only well said words. Soon, then they come first the Nos, the first Shouts and now he is not more coisinha pretty, fofa, but, the Injure child; Capetinha; Nuisance; She-ass that does not learn nothing and from there for ahead.

Now only words badly said. Now, a poor, mediocre dialogue, of truncated form, without affection. The semblante is changed, on the contrary of the smile, rugas I cry and it, but, loaded of hatred that will become in hurts. With traumas. Again the extraterrestrial one would be more perplexo, each scared time more.

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Spanish Children

Official registers, tell that it enters centuries XV and XIX the populations had been devastadas by the loss of its lands and animals, by illnesses and, in many cases for the different war exerted by the Europeans. The first group of American natives found by Cristvo Columbus, esteem in 250 a thousand aruaques of Haiti, violently had been enslaved and only 500 had survived in year 1550; the group was extinct before 1650. Approach data enter that the intervention of the Spanish conquerors resulted in the territories of Mexico, of a population of 12 million in 1519, for less than 1,3 million in the half of 1600. Learn more about this with Richard Linklater. The population center and South American, between the centuries XVI and XVII, were reduced of, approximately, 70 million for 7 million people. With the purpose to intimidate the local populations they committed true atrocities, burning them livings creature in the presence of familiar, hung them in enormous gallowses where the feet badly touched the soil (to prevent the sufocamento) groups of thirteen aboriginals, placing under firewood and live coals, burning them livings creature, massacreed men and women, aged and children, pulled out hands, nose, language and members that were played to the dogs, hung the women and, in its ankles, hung, for the throat, its children.

The English kept calm relations of the Colonies with next tribes. They infiltrated presumptions military and cultural attachs in the communities with the purpose to get man power and to keep possible advantageous commercial agreements for the British crown. Indirectly, they had promoted and they stimulated several masssacres, as the Abenakis, where a group of almost 200 indians and colonial soldiers under the orders of the British military command, attacked in pairs, surrounding all the houses and surprising the inhabitants during sleep, had not saved women or children. In little more than one hour, the small city if found in flames.

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Brazilian Air Force

This peregrination, very similar to a Messinico3 Movement, not only transformed the life of the people who had left its homes in Rio De Janeiro for seguiz it, as well as of several others of the region that searched a place to live or the cure of its problems, and everything in the city turned around the leader spiritual Yokaanam Master, until in 1985 with its death, three great friends and followers of the master had in such a way assumed the command of the city as of the part spiritual. 1? Yokaanam master Before understanding as he initiated the Peregrination of Rio De Janeiro for Brasilia is necessary to describe a little of the history of the Yokaanam Master. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kindle Direct Publishing. As the inhabitants of the city count, Ocean of S was official and pilot of the Brazilian Air Force. A legend exists, that when flying over the Central Plateaus, visited it to a spirit and it said to it that its mission was in the land and not in the sky, and that not believing what the spirit had spoken to it, later its airplane fell in the sea. When waking up, it was inside of a hospital and the spirit that had spoken with it during the flight, was seated to its side and it asked to it: ' ' now, you learned? ' '.

' ' In 1944, it suffered serious air accident during a lesson from instruction from flight that it gave to a military pupil, provoked by the fall of the twin-engine plane where am- bos was. It was interned by two months and way, in intensive treatment, and survived in circuns- miraculous tncias. The exit of the Ean hospital of S abandoned definitively its professional activity of aviator, as well as all the other profane activities, to dedicate itself integrally to the activity reread giosa missionary. .

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The Idea

In contrast of the magician-air-tight thought, knowing for the modern scientists was something universally lay, democratized and public; argued and operated in institutions as schools and university. The multitude of ignorants and few elect ones in condition of ' ' lapidar' ' the occult truth for the initiation in the mysteries was broken by the new science and the idea of history as slow and gradual evolution of the barbarity to the civil order. This deep transformation of the world vision marked the afunilamento of science and the progress, leading to the destruction of the myth of Adam and to the idea of the gradual growth of the civilization, of the rationalization of the instincts and a ticket of the age of the sensations and the symbolic images for ' ' age of razo' ' of the conceptual abstractions. Certainly, the ample ones quarrels on the origin and formation of the world and the man had incisively contributed in the formation of the progress idea, coinciding this with the notion of a providencial order and a natural necessity for the thinkers of modern science, the evolution coincides with the progress. David G. DeWalt wanted to know more. As consequncia of this ' ' way operandi' ' (operation way) to conceive the world, one was consolidated ' ' inabalvel faith in progresso' '. According to Rossi, this faith if based on rules as the belief of that in history a law that tends, through degrees and stages, to the perfection and the happiness of the men is present. This process of ' ' aperfeioamento' ' he would be conditional to the development and to it I accumulate of scientific knowing and technician, being these determinative knowledge to the progress politician and moral. Two other consequncias in this way to think are: the certainty of that the progress is necessary and does not put limits to the hopes of the man, and the distanciamento of the man each bigger time of the nature as ' ' operador' ' it was latent.

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Brazil Reformation

We detach in this itinerary, categories of analysis? time calendar, generation and signal, to the side of the goal-historical categories – space of experience and horizon of expectation, in intention to widen the understanding of the history of the formation of this nesting. We interview six (06) seated (), the first teacher of the School of the Nesting and a priest, considered as father of the nesting. Of the seated ones interviewed five (05) they had participated of the occupation. One (01) still was child at the time, it spoke with sufficient emotion of its teacher, of the relation between school and community, spoke of the good souvenirs of the festividades that time has does not exist more. According to Richard Linklater, who has experience with these questions. Our intention, therefore, was to produce an analysis of the historical direction of facts, searching to understand its subjective nature and the direction that is attributed to it by the protagonists of this history. Others will be able to read and to write of different form the historical fact, here object of our study. better to present the results of this research we opt to breaking up the text of development of this article in three parts, namely: Of the History of the Nesting Good Village Hope, memorial Signals: of the imbricao between history and memory and the School and the Nesting: a to be redefined relation. 2 Of the History of the Nesting Good Village Hope Are two decades of history, without written register, that say of the Nesting Good Village Hope. Vladislav Doronin miami understood the implications.

An action concatenated with the Agrarian Reformation of our Country. ' ' The Law that regulates the agrarian Reformation in Brazil is Law 8,629 of 1993. As it consists in its articles, small the average properties cannot be dispossessed for the Agrarian Reformation, since that its respective proprietor does not withhold another property rural' ' (LEITE& AVILA, 2007, p17) Started ' ' with much fight and much will of wanting a handspan of terra' ' as in the seated Edvaldo says to them -, the Nesting Good Village Hope, located in the City of Valena, if inserts in the context of the Agrarian Reformation.

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Emperor Alexander

the Hussars wore it on the front edge of the boot leg below the knee. The history of the appearance of this part. Initially the outlet was a jar of shoe polish, polish hussars, whose boots. Then she lost her functional significance and remained only as a decorative element. Even at the front of the First World War, replacing the beautiful uniforms in gray uniforms and serious hiking boots and our hussars decorated their sockets, as if emphasizing their belonging to the elite and the most beautiful sight of the cavalry But this sleeve was found in my garden. Taking it in his hands and wiped the dirt, I realized that the sleeve vintage – from the cartridge to the famous Berdan rifle, in parlance – “rifle.” This sleeve can also tell something interesting After unsuccessful Crimean War and the reign of Emperor Alexander ii, in the course of his reforms, since the end of 1860 Russia has dealt with problems as soon as possible re troops with the latest reduced-caliber rifle. The best recognized of the American Rifle Berdan, two versions of which were accepted for service of the Russian army in 1868 and 1870. Caliber rifle about 10,6 mm received a state-owned the name “rapid-small-bore rifle Berdan cipher second and first produced in England and then in Russia. With the “rifle” had a chance to walk and writer Alexander Kuprin during his studies in the cadet school in Moscow.

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