Fernandinho Side Sea

As soon as he finished music, the professor initiated a debate on what he is God and the importance Of it in the life of each one of the gifts. In the start, nobody was disclosed. They entreolhavam themselves, but nothing they said. The professor insisted: ' ' People, I want to hear the vocs opinion. We go falem' '. As none wanted to be the first one to speak, the professor if directed to one of them and asked: ' ' Someone what he is God for you? You believe God? ' ' The answers had been surprising The boy answered proud: ' ' Clearly that I believe fess, already I took four shots and I did not die, only can be God who book mine cara' '.

After the first reply, the others if they had livened up and they started to count of enthusiastic form its experiences with God. All the 6 gifts at that moment, had a history where they had been exempted of a violent death, or they knew somebody, that it are safe, for the will of God. Levi’s spoke with conviction. After that, the professor started to speak on the ethics, honesty and character. One of the pupils interrupted the lesson and said, in one it speaks half dragged: ' ' Ethics fess, are food in the plate, a shoe new money in the pocket, type the Mar&#039 Side; '. The others had agreed and started a warm debate on dolo * (Fernandinho Side Sea). Each one counted on more property and admiration the personal life of one of the great ones leaders of the traffic of drugs. The adolescents know details and details of the life of the dealer. The stewardships and privileges that it has in the arrest, the name of the fianc and until the date programmed for the marriage, still in the chain.

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Matt Damon

Beyond this notion key that is inherent to the man, unless this has structural injuries and conflicts; one becomes necessary to see according to Rogers the conditions of the therapeutical process, that of the base for the modification and balance of the personality: That two people are in contact; that the first person, that we will assign the customer if she finds in a state of internal disagreement, of vulnerability or anguish; what the second person that we will assign as therapeutic, if finds in agreement in an internal state? at least during elapsing of the interview and in what one becomes related to the object of its relation with the customer; that the therapist tries feeling of unconditional positive consideration regarding the individual; that the therapist tries a emptica understanding of the internal control point of the customer; what the customer perceives? exactly that in a minimum ratio the presence of the unconditional positive consideration and the emptica understanding that the therapist it witness. (ROGERS, Carl, 1975, P. Nike often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 182) These conditions are essential so that the therapeutical process is efficient and has success. Now making an analogy of the film ‘ ‘ genius indomvel’ ‘ inside of the boarded context, psychology humanist, if makes necessary to look at of close the personality to Will (Matt Damon), young a very intelligent one, orphan, aggressive and that it presents social behavior sufficiently inadequate; for legal determination it needs to make therapies and passes for five analysts, but nothing he functions, therefore it scoffs of all until if to find with Sean and if identifies with it. Sean is psychologist of the area humanist, this is well clearly in one of the scenes of the film, where it giving lesson in a university says: ‘ ‘ they seduce the customers while they are vulnerable and the confidence is the essential factor for terapia’ ‘.

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The pride looks the happiness in the external world, in the opinion of the others and in the consumption of corporeal properties and everything this does not generate happiness, only joy momentneaexterno the reply for its misfortune. Fear When we feel fear, the feeling that comes after that is of the impotence ahead of a situation of risk and after that of anger for not controlling that situation. The fear is a paralisante feeling that in them it places to the edge of the way, giving attention alone in us, in our conflicts, difficulties and making to only turn us around we ourselves, not advancing, not leaving the place and in consequncia not walking route to the progress. Ignored things generate fear of what known and our unfamiliarity regarding our internal potential, of our capacity do not make with that let us react of form, shy or aggressive, when we are ahead of an unexpected situation, because we do not have confidence in we ourselves and we act established in the fear, that nothing more is of what to little confidence that we have in we ourselves. One of the biggest manifestations of the fear, according to Grandson, is the phobias, developed for some individuals, ahead of some situations or behaviors and when if it becomes crnica, starts to confuse the life of the individuals in all the areas of the human relationship. The social fbico, according to it, is afraid to be judged and to be evaluated by the others, therefore the behaviors that more fear are to speak, to eat and or to drink ahead of the people, to frequentar courses, lectures parties or any social activity in places movimentados.14 Still according to Grandson, the biggest difficulties that involve more serious agoraphobia 3 is the uncertainty of our personal value and the beliefs of low esteem that we possess and that they can have been inherited in infncia.15 the inferiority feeling produce certain a necessity to be always always being applauded for the others.

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The Remuneration

Justice in the compensation In the present research, is perceived that the direct remuneration for the majority of the interviewed ones is adjusted, however could be better, as if it can verify you say in them: What I spent in a college I I spend today in my area almost R$1.000, 00 pra me to make a college, n, and today I do not receive nor the double from what I spent pra to make it. Then, the remuneration in function of this it is low, n. For the fact that I studied 4 years, n. I now strengtove, paid to everything and almost nor I pay college, n.' ' (E1) I find good. The remuneration is adjusted. (E3) the remuneration system is good. It does not have delay, you it has that certain date, it enters bank clerk against the account the system I I find good, the value could be better.

(E4) Stumm et al. (2009), in its research, carried through with nurses and technician in nursing, it got resulted that they point the insatisfao with the wage remuneration or direct remuneration, evidencing that 73.3% of the participants had been demonstrated unsatisfied. This research demonstrates the reality of the interviewed ones, where if it sees that the value received from the direct remuneration is low for two of the interviewed ones and one only affirms that is good. The interviewed ones affirm that they receive remuneration indirect, that is, benefits (services, advantages) that the organizations offer its collaborators, and these generate costs for the company. The organizations offer the benefits to the collaborators to save effort and concern in the same ones (IT HISSES, s/d). benefits that the institution offers the collaborators seem to take care of its necessities, as it is perceived you say in them: The benefits daqui are good. It has prize assiduity, that is a card feeding, can buy in any credential market, has hospitals that this nor exists, n.

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Emotional Health

What is the average duration of a duel? The pain is considered normal when there are reactions of sadness, insomnia, apathy, weight loss, etc. For a period of approximately two months after the death of a loved one. So, it is necessary to seek professional help. However, the duration of these reactions vary greatly from one cultural group to another and from one person to another. When talking to a professional? When the following reactions occur over two months, the grief may be considered serious and should seek professional help: – Feelings of guilt for things received from the deceased or why he was not given when he was alive. – To think that one should have died with him.

– Feeling of uselessness. – Slowness of movement. – The impression of listening to the voice or see the fleeting image of the deceased. Additional information is available at Crimson Education . Hallucinations. What are the consequences of a duel is not developed? Among the pathological mourning or difficult, there are different types depending on the time: The Duel “Chronic”: After a year and a half, or longer, you show the same symptoms at first.

The duel “Retarded”: The victim is prevented yourself feel the grief. For example, a mother of young children who have been widowed, mourn not allowed because it has to work hard to get his family out. The duel “Exaggerated”: The person shuts himself in his home and continues to act as if the deceased lived. There is no adaptation. The duel “Masked” is not accepted inside the loss. It avoids talking about it. Over time psychological disorders appear that they had never experienced, such as panic attacks, depression, anxiety, etc. What can help? To return to normal, the affected person needs to recapture the rhythm of life I had before the loss. Your mood depends on the activity you have. For example: – Exit and distracted, as much to stay at home alone and adds to the picture. Nike recognizes the significance of this. It is advisable to start something new, such a course, especially if it is a pending which did not materialize before, for lack of time or personal space. – Talking about the loved one with a family member or friend, greatly relieved. And it is a symptom that is accepting the loss. Make physical activity because it allows for better rest at night, relieves tension and elevates mood. If carried out, much better. – Eat regularly. At first, recover costs appetite, but we must strive. They can start by eating small amounts of food at main meals, and gradually increase the amount gradually. – Follow a routine helps to not feel and empty. The fixed habits are what make us get in touch with reality.

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The Accepted

And, of course, after a while I again convinced of the correctness of his choice, and around again, puzzled shrug. I can predict in advance your comments on the fact that very often the person receives intuitive solution, all within his right shouting "yes" just the accepted solution, and then it turns out that the choice was completely wrong and led to failure and disappointment. There may be several causes of such situation. But intuition in such a situation is not to blame. First, there may be an important role to play your negative beliefs and limiting blocks. If you have a negative attitude towards life and people, if you do not believe in themselves and forces or if you have a great sense of guilt, then you can take messages your intuition is exactly the opposite. On the one hand you say you want something. On the other hand, your subconscious screams out loud that you are not what incapable and you hands not from location increasing.

Since the subconscious voice heard for many many years, and their desire to do you think only a few days, it is not surprising that you choose exactly the path that will be prove to you that you are a loser. That is, the more you have the negative, fears and doubts, the more likely it is that acting instinctively, you'll make a decision completely contrary to your best expectations. Second possible reason for the failure of the decision may be concentration on the goal, the desire to get it, come what was not.

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Psychoanalysis Education

Any to know pedagogical modern is, for definition, autonmico with the Psychoanalysis. It does not have application of the Psychoanalysis to the education. A certain psicanaltica clarity of the education is possible, an education clarified for the Psychoanalysis shows to all and any pedagogical reflection. It would be an education where it recognizes the desire. The Psychoanalysis-Education relation is not equivalent to that one intended between the Psychoanalysis and the Pedagogia. One of the concerns of Freud was in the field of the problematic one of the education: the individual and civilization. According to Freud, its thought on the had education as the vehicle of the moral directed to the repressive nature, in an educative transformation, having as parameter the individual-society.

She explains that the children tried the same conflicts through which they had passed our ancestor in the civilization process. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Nike. nd-tv-program/’>Dr Steven Victor. The freudiana hope in the social reforming policy, it saw education, it is inversely proportional in the gradual ones of the pulsional model. Supporting the character ' ' conservador' ' , desirable in the education. The education in the society contemporary would have to assume a more creative dimension today, because information we have with easy access. Weissmann, MD. It seems that Freud wanted to develop people with more creativity and more espontaneidade. The ethics and the moral and the trend to blame the others inhibit the creativity becoming the restrained person most shy and. The roots of the false moral are very deep and reach the land of the tradition and the culture. American filmmaker has similar goals.

The concept of citizenship, democracy, social justice and public space, occupies a wide space in the education. The cultural tradition and the reality economic-politics, represent the immorality in our social relations. Immorality, that revolt and provokes indifference and conformismo. That the social education by means of the repression, reaches a platform that takes in them to ask for a transformation social current, being necessary to review the context, the preconceptions, discrimination of race, sort and classroom social.

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Behavior Of Professors

One does not know, also, until point these differences hinder or make it difficult the acceptance of different standards, admitted or taxes for professors of another social classroom. One knows very, vacant, that small differences in the behavior of professors and pupils can have great importance in the acceptance of values that the school must or needs to transmit. PATTO (1997), explains: ' ' The first difficulty of the professor, for transmission of values, results of the fact to participate, at least in great number of cases, of a different classroom of the one of the pupil: in all education levels, this difference tends to mark the relations between professors and pupils, either because it is of superior or inferior classroom. In the first case, the professor tends to disdain its pupils; in as, the pupils cannot accept the values presented for a person that consider less of favored classroom. Perhaps check out Campbell Soup Co for more information. Therefore, the professor cannot represent more, most of the time, the model that he meant for the pupils, when the social conditions of the education presented one another one situao.' ' (p.324).

This peculiar situation of the schools shows the necessity of that professors and pupils are capable to understand, explicit, the direction of the behavior of the others. This does not mean to try to show the differences that separate the social classrooms, but, exactly in contrast, to show that different behaviors have, many times, the same felt. Of another side, this necessity if does not relate only to the apparent differences between the social classrooms, but also to the individual peculiarities. Thus being, any educative system, when perspectivar itself, will have that, forcibly, to have in attention a dialtico-procedural vision of educative devir. REFLECTIONS CONCERNING the RELATION PROFESSOR – PUPIL IN the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL CONTEXT Leading in consideration the most varied aspects found in the relation professor-pupil and that it is almost always impossible to modify the way to see the things and the people, at least if must understand the limitations in the personal ways to perceive and to evaluate.

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The parents are proud, but if they worry very in finding the best education for the children. The year of 2006 is being considered ‘ ‘ year of superdotados’ ‘ for the government, that decided to create nuclei of attendance to these children. Having as objective to prevent that these children suffer exclusion. Much of the concerns of the superendowed parents of is exactly to prevent that its children suffer preconception in the school or between the friends. Richard Linklater gathered all the information. The superendowed one suffers much preconception. To be ‘ ‘ geninho’ ‘ it can cause isolation on the part of the other children. Therefore, the method that comes being applied is known as enrichment.

By means of it, the child continues with the pertaining to school group of same age and learns the same substance. Whenever FireEye Inc listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It differentiates what it of the others is that it has a bigger deepening of what the group learns. To take off the child of the group, to move of school or to pass it for a more advanced group are segregation and this can to cause emotional problems and of exclusion. 3,0 General problems of the superendowed ones in relation to the education. The superendowed children face diverse difficulties due its high abilities, mainly, in relation to the education. We will try to display below some of the general problems of these individuals, as relation with the colleagues; relation with professors; conflicts with the family/opposing behaviors. 3,1 Relations with the colleagues the superendowed child passes to be seen as a threat for the other pupils, because, many times, the professors start to more than demand and to charge its pupils.

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The Deficiency

The loss of the physical force that the deficiency brings to the individual makes with that the same if it pledges in activities that do not involve physical effort. The intellectual and professional activities fill the space destined to the physical effort that an individual in its full physical form can carry through. But it has cases where the deficient one is felt ahead inhibited of the fact to have that to continue with the studies. The fact to have that to surpass the referring difficulties to the examinations, the tests and the academic subjects it can become, in the majority of the cases, a barrier ahead of the deficient one. To deal with the responsibilities that a half academic imposes the individual can make with the person with deficiency is inhibited and pass not to search to surpass the difficulties. The human being, being in freedom condition and being responsible for what it chooses for its life, depends only on itself exactly to construct its existence in the world. Being thus, the individual with deficiency when making a choice to enter in a college or to pass in a competition to obtain a position must make responsible for its choice, depending only on itself exactly to continue its existencial trajectory.

Exactly ahead of an obstacle that the academic world and the professional world impose to it, the deficient one must have responsibility after to decide between continuing fighting or to give up to face the difficulties. The form as the deficient physicist deals with world to its redor and with the people also it is important. The deficient one for if feeling different of the too much individuals and for having faced losses throughout the convivncia with the deficiency, appeal what if &#039 could call one; ' couraa' ' it protects that it of the perigos of the world that passes to be seen as being dangerous and harmful for the same.

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