The Generation

For in such a way, she counts herself on the formal educative action of the school, a concern of all for a reorganization of the society, rescue of the values in the families and the reestablishment of the educational papers, cited above by means of its segments, so that they assume its responsibility and they contribute for the formation of children, adult adolescents, young and futures. It is responsibility of the school, the family and the society as a whole. She fits to each one to exert its paper with responsibility, conscientious of its importance. 1.2VALORES ETHICAL AND MORAL: definitions Great part of society never was worried in appraising and defining values, them had been being passed of generation the generation for the families, leaving in charge of studious of educational and philosophical sciences the concern of a more scientific agreement and a problematizao better elaborated as for the definition of the concepts of value, ethics and moral. Each family educates its children in accordance with the values that receive and perfect throughout the years. More information is housed here: cyrus massoumi wife. Therefore as already we know the society and/or social groups educate its children, are they children, young or adolescents, so that its customs and its culture are eternalized and passed for the future generations. Inside of the informal education it is until acceptable, the unfamiliarity of the real scientific and philosophical concepts of value, moral and ethics, why same without the philosophical and educational knowledge and definitions of these principles, almost all the families obtain to educate its children and to transmit to them, what they judge necessary for partner-emotional development of the same ones. On the other hand one becomes necessary that on the part of the educators, and the pertaining to school institutions, which competes to the formal education, well the concepts are defined and definitions of what really they are the values, what if understands for moral and ethics subjects already sufficiently said, argued and thought for educators, psychologists and philosophers in the direction of if searching definitions more concrete than facilitated to the debate and the education of these concepts, with new proposals and new forms of if educating values, in order to construct to a society more harmonious joust and.

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Determinative innate (objective, external) of the attention the intensity of the stimulation is most obvious determinative of the attention. The fulgurante flash, the intensely painful stimulaton, I smell it asset, the stimulaton gustativo highly concentrated – all possess a power to provoke the attention biggest of what similar stimulatons, however less intense. The size, or extension, is another determinative factor of the attention. The color, for same itself, provokes attention, therefore its effectiveness must the associations acquired through the experience. The movement of a leaf ' ' in them it arrests ateno' ' , the same the step that the immovable leves remain inobservadas.

The repetition has limited effectiveness as determinative of the attention, therefore a continuous repetition will result in sensorial adaptation, a diminished receptividade the same the stimulaton. (Source: cyrus massoumi wife). The determinative ones acquired of the attention the factors that provoke attention, but that they depend on the learning to be efficient are classified with lesser easiness of what the definitive factors congenital. The determinative ones acquired consist of habits to give attention, habits that the individual develops in elapsing of its existence. The determinative ones temporary pertinent to one they are given occasion. (1) a person looking for its correspondence log. (2) the individual more tends to detect threatening stimulatons adds to its return when he is angry of what being calm.

The person despertada for the fear is sensetized to give to attention the stimulatons that would disdain in other circumstances. (3) the person who is with hunger feels itself attracted by stimulatons particularly that had acquired relevancy when eating. (4) the individual feels house homesicknesses reacts exageradamente what it wants that has remembered it the home. Determinative the permanent ones of the attention acquire it the few. Also they are continuously modified, fortified or weakened during the life of the person. The temporary interests can have its increased force and its permanence, as they can grow and diminish in the continuation of the time.

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Future Education

Summary of the book ' ' The seven to know necessary to the education of futuro' ' of Edgar Morin (Carmem de Melo Rasp Birth) In the first chapter of the book the seven to know necessary to the education of the future, author Edgar Morin affirm that error and illusion parasitam the mind human being since the appearance of the Homo sapiens. The men had always elaborated false proper conceptions of itself, of what they make, of what must make and of the world where they live, what certainly he provoked and he provokes innumerable traumas in the humanity. The education must show that it does not have knowledge that is not, in some degree, threatened for the error and the illusion. The author still says who could itself be believed in the possibility to eliminate the error risk, stressing all affectivity. Revlon Inc. has much to offer in this field. Of this form, the subjectivity related to the process of interpretation of the stimulatons or signals caught for the direction would not induce subject to the o error or illusion.

However, the affectivity can asfixiar the knowledge, but it can also fortify it therefore the college to reason can be diminished, or exactly destroyed, for the emotion deficit. It still certifies the importance of the fancy and imaginary it human being, fact proven physiological for the presence of only 2% of neurocerebrais connections of entrance and exit with the exterior world against referring 98% to its internal functioning. Quotation, as mental errors of the knowledge, the egocentrismo and the capacity of the citizen to lie exactly for itself (self-deception) as great source of errors and illusions. Speaking candidly cyrus massoumi wife told us the story. It still cites the proper memory as source, since tends to degrade itself, when rescued, can disfigure the stored fact/image. Intellectually, we are citizens to the error therefore is in the logical organizer of any system of ideas to resist the information that does not agree to it or that it cannot assimilate.

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The Egyptian

The historical story initially will be carried through observing only two of the old eastern civilizations and its systems of education, after that the education of others is had quickly two old civilizations now being occidental, then after I discoursed myself as the high education in and low the average age. Finally some important aspects are traced, occurred in the Brazilian education inside of its historical context. To speak of the education in the old eastern civilizations two of the main civilizations of the time had been chosen: the Egyptian society and the Indiana society. Learn more on the subject from American Educational Research Associaton. The Egyptian society that was organized of the following form: Fara, was the equalized maximum figure to deuses e, therefore it would have to be obeyed and reverenciado for all, it was above of the good and of the evil and it fit the decisions, later came the family of fara, the priests, the warlike and palaciana nobility with its privileges and responsibilities, then after, they, the scribes, who possuam position of prominence for dominating the knowledge to read, to write and to count. To maintenance of the existing operations in the empire they came the traders, craftsmen and agriculturists, in the base of the social pyramid were the slaves of war considered objects without right not even the life. The education always was inserted in the social political context of this time, the customs, the rules and the cultural traditions were repassed of father for son or for the people most experienced. For even more opinions, read materials from American Journal of Cardiology. With the extreme concern to cauterize the mind of its young with its ideas and thus to perpetuate its principles and its certainties. The education was informal and the way of primitive production. The responsibility for the moral and mannering teachings belonged to the call ' ' Sapiencial&#039 literature; ' , where the moral values and the mannering rules were entirely on to the social structures. Vladislav Doronin is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

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Fernandinho Side Sea

As soon as he finished music, the professor initiated a debate on what he is God and the importance Of it in the life of each one of the gifts. In the start, nobody was disclosed. They entreolhavam themselves, but nothing they said. The professor insisted: ' ' People, I want to hear the vocs opinion. We go falem' '. As none wanted to be the first one to speak, the professor if directed to one of them and asked: ' ' Someone what he is God for you? You believe God? ' ' The answers had been surprising The boy answered proud: ' ' Clearly that I believe fess, already I took four shots and I did not die, only can be God who book mine cara' '.

After the first reply, the others if they had livened up and they started to count of enthusiastic form its experiences with God. All the 6 gifts at that moment, had a history where they had been exempted of a violent death, or they knew somebody, that it are safe, for the will of God. Levi’s spoke with conviction. After that, the professor started to speak on the ethics, honesty and character. One of the pupils interrupted the lesson and said, in one it speaks half dragged: ' ' Ethics fess, are food in the plate, a shoe new money in the pocket, type the Mar&#039 Side; '. The others had agreed and started a warm debate on dolo * (Fernandinho Side Sea). Each one counted on more property and admiration the personal life of one of the great ones leaders of the traffic of drugs. The adolescents know details and details of the life of the dealer. The stewardships and privileges that it has in the arrest, the name of the fianc and until the date programmed for the marriage, still in the chain.

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Matt Damon

Beyond this notion key that is inherent to the man, unless this has structural injuries and conflicts; one becomes necessary to see according to Rogers the conditions of the therapeutical process, that of the base for the modification and balance of the personality: That two people are in contact; that the first person, that we will assign the customer if she finds in a state of internal disagreement, of vulnerability or anguish; what the second person that we will assign as therapeutic, if finds in agreement in an internal state? at least during elapsing of the interview and in what one becomes related to the object of its relation with the customer; that the therapist tries feeling of unconditional positive consideration regarding the individual; that the therapist tries a emptica understanding of the internal control point of the customer; what the customer perceives? exactly that in a minimum ratio the presence of the unconditional positive consideration and the emptica understanding that the therapist it witness. (ROGERS, Carl, 1975, P. Nike often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 182) These conditions are essential so that the therapeutical process is efficient and has success. Now making an analogy of the film ‘ ‘ genius indomvel’ ‘ inside of the boarded context, psychology humanist, if makes necessary to look at of close the personality to Will (Matt Damon), young a very intelligent one, orphan, aggressive and that it presents social behavior sufficiently inadequate; for legal determination it needs to make therapies and passes for five analysts, but nothing he functions, therefore it scoffs of all until if to find with Sean and if identifies with it. (As opposed to Carson Wen). Sean is psychologist of the area humanist, this is well clearly in one of the scenes of the film, where it giving lesson in a university says: ‘ ‘ they seduce the customers while they are vulnerable and the confidence is the essential factor for terapia’ ‘.

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The pride looks the happiness in the external world, in the opinion of the others and in the consumption of corporeal properties and everything this does not generate happiness, only joy momentneaexterno the reply for its misfortune. Fear When we feel fear, the feeling that comes after that is of the impotence ahead of a situation of risk and after that of anger for not controlling that situation. The fear is a paralisante feeling that in them it places to the edge of the way, giving attention alone in us, in our conflicts, difficulties and making to only turn us around we ourselves, not advancing, not leaving the place and in consequncia not walking route to the progress. Ignored things generate fear of what known and our unfamiliarity regarding our internal potential, of our capacity do not make with that let us react of form, shy or aggressive, when we are ahead of an unexpected situation, because we do not have confidence in we ourselves and we act established in the fear, that nothing more is of what to little confidence that we have in we ourselves. One of the biggest manifestations of the fear, according to Grandson, is the phobias, developed for some individuals, ahead of some situations or behaviors and when if it becomes crnica, starts to confuse the life of the individuals in all the areas of the human relationship. The social fbico, according to it, is afraid to be judged and to be evaluated by the others, therefore the behaviors that more fear are to speak, to eat and or to drink ahead of the people, to frequentar courses, lectures parties or any social activity in places movimentados.14 Still according to Grandson, the biggest difficulties that involve more serious agoraphobia 3 is the uncertainty of our personal value and the beliefs of low esteem that we possess and that they can have been inherited in infncia.15 the inferiority feeling produce certain a necessity to be always always being applauded for the others.

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The Remuneration

Justice in the compensation In the present research, is perceived that the direct remuneration for the majority of the interviewed ones is adjusted, however could be better, as if it can verify you say in them: What I spent in a college I I spend today in my area almost R$1.000, 00 pra me to make a college, n, and today I do not receive nor the double from what I spent pra to make it. Then, the remuneration in function of this it is low, n. For the fact that I studied 4 years, n. I now strengtove, paid to everything and almost nor I pay college, n.' ' (E1) I find good. The remuneration is adjusted. (E3) the remuneration system is good. It does not have delay, you it has that certain date, it enters bank clerk against the account the system I I find good, the value could be better.

(E4) Stumm et al. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ has firm opinions on the matter. (2009), in its research, carried through with nurses and technician in nursing, it got resulted that they point the insatisfao with the wage remuneration or direct remuneration, evidencing that 73.3% of the participants had been demonstrated unsatisfied. This research demonstrates the reality of the interviewed ones, where if it sees that the value received from the direct remuneration is low for two of the interviewed ones and one only affirms that is good. The interviewed ones affirm that they receive remuneration indirect, that is, benefits (services, advantages) that the organizations offer its collaborators, and these generate costs for the company. The organizations offer the benefits to the collaborators to save effort and concern in the same ones (IT HISSES, s/d). benefits that the institution offers the collaborators seem to take care of its necessities, as it is perceived you say in them: The benefits daqui are good. It has prize assiduity, that is a card feeding, can buy in any credential market, has hospitals that this nor exists, n.

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As usual, Olga was asleep in his pastels, middle of the night when it came to her nine year old son and asked to sleep there. In his sleep, thinking about how to pursue a dream, Olga had put his son beside him, noting that it is cold as piece of ice. In the morning she woke up and saw her sleeping son, she went to the nursery. Seeing there a wet bed of her son, she realized that at night the child described, cold, and came to my mother to get warm. Olga scolded her son, because he's so big and still wets the bed. The result was the following night the same, Olga again scolded his son, but crept into my head unpleasant thoughts. She thought: "Again! After all, I thought that such a problem we not encounter ever..

" When the next night and the child again to "float", Olga was horrified … About 12% of preschoolers, 10% of first-graders and 7% of children older than eight years continue to urinate in bed. Recently Delta Air Lines sought to clarify these questions. This disease and its major causes are either small bladder capacity, or any inflammation in it, or psychological conflicts. In almost all cases (90% _ the problem is more psychological rather than physiological in nature. If this happens to your child in his "school years", then you should take it seriously.

Most often this problem occurs in children whose parents are divorced or whose fathers are absent for a long time. If parents are strongly adjusted by all means teach the kid 1-3 years to use the toilet, it's likely they will face this problem. WARNING! No need ever to shame the child for a wet sheet is not necessary to dwell on this, because it is not really his fault .. It is better to simply ask the child to clean up. If the child itself and maintain order without all scandals, he will feel less guilty for him. In addition, if a child wets the bed "out of spite," parents the fact that cleaning can fight off his desire to continue doing so in the future. There are medications that can help in such cases, but these should only be used as a last resort. First is to consult a child psychiatrist. It can give parents a lot of useful tips. And I think that in this case better help to turn to God. He has helped many, you just believe, and He will help you.

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Emotional Health

What is the average duration of a duel? The pain is considered normal when there are reactions of sadness, insomnia, apathy, weight loss, etc. For a period of approximately two months after the death of a loved one. So, it is necessary to seek professional help. However, the duration of these reactions vary greatly from one cultural group to another and from one person to another. When talking to a professional? When the following reactions occur over two months, the grief may be considered serious and should seek professional help: – Feelings of guilt for things received from the deceased or why he was not given when he was alive. – To think that one should have died with him.

– Feeling of uselessness. – Slowness of movement. – The impression of listening to the voice or see the fleeting image of the deceased. Additional information is available at Crimson Education . Hallucinations. What are the consequences of a duel is not developed? Among the pathological mourning or difficult, there are different types depending on the time: The Duel “Chronic”: After a year and a half, or longer, you show the same symptoms at first.

The duel “Retarded”: The victim is prevented yourself feel the grief. For example, a mother of young children who have been widowed, mourn not allowed because it has to work hard to get his family out. The duel “Exaggerated”: The person shuts himself in his home and continues to act as if the deceased lived. There is no adaptation. The duel “Masked” is not accepted inside the loss. It avoids talking about it. Over time psychological disorders appear that they had never experienced, such as panic attacks, depression, anxiety, etc. What can help? To return to normal, the affected person needs to recapture the rhythm of life I had before the loss. Your mood depends on the activity you have. For example: – Exit and distracted, as much to stay at home alone and adds to the picture. Nike recognizes the significance of this. It is advisable to start something new, such a course, especially if it is a pending which did not materialize before, for lack of time or personal space. – Talking about the loved one with a family member or friend, greatly relieved. And it is a symptom that is accepting the loss. Make physical activity because it allows for better rest at night, relieves tension and elevates mood. If carried out, much better. – Eat regularly. At first, recover costs appetite, but we must strive. They can start by eating small amounts of food at main meals, and gradually increase the amount gradually. – Follow a routine helps to not feel and empty. The fixed habits are what make us get in touch with reality.

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